Are There Free Abortion Alternatives?

When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, there is no “easy way out.” No matter what you do, there are emotional, and usually financial, consequences. Not every woman who experiences an unplanned pregnancy is in a place where parenting is right for her. Most women who choose not to parent do so for a combination of reasons. Maybe they don’t have the money or aren’t in a good place emotionally or physically to be a parent. These are often the reasons that many women choose abortion- but they don’t have to.

Abortion is not the only option for women who don’t feel that parenting is the right choice. Many women love and want their babies but simply aren’t in a place to care for them. That’s how it was for me when I experienced an unplanned pregnancy. I was very young, and not in a good place emotionally. There was no way that I could give my child the life she deserved. But that didn’t mean I had to have an abortion. I had another option: adoption.

Many people think that adoption is expensive, and it is. But not for the birth mother. Typically, an agency or the adoptive parents directly will pay for medical care. All of the legal fees are paid for by the agency/adoptive family. Adoption can actually cost less than an abortion because it is completely free to place a child for adoption, and abortions are a medical procedure that costs money.

That being said, adoption does not come without consequences. Placing my baby was the hardest thing I have ever done. I miss her daily, but I would miss her even more if I had chosen abortion. Because of adoption, I know what my baby looks like, and I am able to have a relationship with her. It’s not the same as being her mom, but I am so grateful for my open adoption that has allowed me to maintain a special bond with her. 

Because I chose adoption over abortion, a family grew. The adoptive parents I chose for my baby would not have been able to be parents without adoption. They are amazing people, and they deserve to have kids. If I had chosen abortion, they wouldn’t have their little daughter.

Most importantly, my baby got to live. She will grow up in a happy, stable home, and I will be there for her to answer any questions she might have later on about her adoption story. She gets to run and play and laugh, and the world is now home to one more beautiful soul.

There are many reasons why women choose abortion. But if money is the only reason to consider it, there are better options. Adoption means that families get to grow, children get to live, and biological mothers don’t have to end their pregnancies if they don’t want to.

Adoption is a valid, wonderful, and totally free alternative to abortion. If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and looking for parenting alternatives, I would strongly urge you to consider adoption. I’m so glad I did.

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