5 Reasons to Choose Adoption over Abortion

Many pro-choice advocates and websites will claim that abortion is a safe alternative to delivering a baby. Companies that make money from abortions do not discuss the effects of abortion on the fetus, the mother, or the father. And why would they? Abortion is their money maker. Here are a number of reasons why adoption is a better option over abortion.

  1. Abortion is a barbaric and painful procedure. The various types of surgical abortions cause extreme pain to the fetus. Pro-choicers will argue that babies don’t feel pain, however, recent research in fetal development shows that the nervous system is developed early in the first trimester of pregnancy, and ultrasounds of abortions show babies curling up, screaming, and moving away from abortion instruments. Abortions involve piercing into the heart, scalding with the skin and lungs with saline, or pulling off limbs. Can you, as an adult, imagine the pain of having your limbs pulled off of your body? This type of torture is illegal for people and babies once they are outside of the uterus. Think about it…the only difference between a baby outside the womb and inside is their location. They can still feel pain.
  2. There are side effects to the mother. A medical abortion, where medication is used to force the body to have contractions can cause severe bleeding and is contraindicated in some women. Anytime a woman is placed under anesthesia (needed for a surgical abortion), there are risks.
  3. There are plenty of families who would love to adopt. I also know of many families, fertile and infertile, who want to adopt babies. I myself have offered to adopt when I hear of women who are planning abortions, even though I have my own biological children. 
  4. Abortion should not be used as birth control. I have a friend who had 13 abortions. She used them as her birth control. When she actually wanted to get pregnant, her uterus was so scarred from all of the previous pregnancies that she had to be put on bed rest and her baby was born prematurely because her uterus was not in the shape that it should have been due to all of the abortions.
  5. There are emotional risks as to the mother for having an abortion. Every woman that I personally know who has had an abortion regrets it, feeling like she killed her child. I have one friend who has debilitating panic attacks on the anniversary of the abortion and on her child’s due date every year.

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